Howard Mural Project

Howard Mural Project

  The Howard Mural Project Dedicated on August 3, 2019 the Memories of Howard Mural Project is an exciting addition to the Benson Museums. The mural was painted on the east side of the Gragg Agricultural Museum and covers the entire 18’ X 40’ wall. Viewers will enjoy the vibrant colors as they gaze at […]

Auxiliary Building

This building contains an astounding collection of items that show how Elk County residents attended to their every day needs as far as health, religion, financial, legal, and commercial. Visitors can see everything from a mid 1900’s dentist’s office and a mortician’s trade tools to a replica general store. Guests will also find a grouping […]

Main Building

The Main Building houses those items that have to do with home life throughout Elk County history. Visitors will see complete living and bed room sets that once served Elk County citizens. Antique children’s toys, a pump organ, an Edison phonograph, and an unusual fold away bathtub all await those eager to get a feel […]

Bertha’s Dolls

Bertha’s Dolls is a museum dedicated to the lifelong passion of Bertha Baumgartel, a Howard resident, who collected, repaired and treasured thousands of dolls during her lifetime. Dubbed the “Doll Lady of Howard”, Bertha was featured Hatteburg’s People, a state wide show that features the unique people that call Kansas home. Over the year, Bertha’s […]

One Room School House

The fourth building in the complex is a one-room schoolhouse that once served as the Union Center Township schoolhouse. It was brought into town from nearly eight miles outside of Howard when it was added to the museums complex. From the wooden slates used as work pads and notebooks, the wooden desks, and the early […]

Mittie Davis House

The Mittie Davis House is the actual home of Mittie Davis, who was the housekeeper for one of Howard’s prominent citizens in the early 1900’s. In it visitors will see how a woman of modest means lived and raised her family. It includes an antique heating stove, sewing chair, as well as many other items […]

Gragg Memorial Building

The first building in the complex is the Gragg Memorial Building. Although not historical itself, it houses a remarkable collection of agricultural implements and tools which played an important role in Elk County history. Guests will find a Rumley Oil Pull tractor, a threshing machine, saddles, buggies and wagons, and numerous late 19th and early […]

K.T. Oil Filling Station

The K.T Oil Filling Station is one of the actual stations that served Howard and the surrounding area for many years. It houses antique oil signage, a gas station attendant’s uniform, and other paraphernalia relating to the operation of the filling station from the 1920’s-1950’s.